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Can’t get cover elsewhere

If you can’t get cover for the extreme sport / hobbies you love doing then we can help.

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New and Growing Family

Do you have any protection for  you and your family in place to help when needed?

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Protect Your Business

If the worst was to happen to a key person in your business do you have any protection in place?

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Ormerod Income Protection

Caring for your life, health and income needs

Business Protection

There are no guarantees that someone who has suffered a major health crisis will be able to perform at the same level as previously or even return to work at all.

Running a business always involves an element of uncertainty. Premises can be rebuilt, plant or products replaced, but the recovery of a person is not nearly as clear cut, regardless of whether that person is an employee or the owner.

At Ormerod Income Protection we aim to reduce the financial impact on various elements of your business with the following protection products.

What is Partnership or Shareholder protection?

Partnership or Share Protection helps the surviving shareholders or partners keep control of the business if a major shareholder or partner dies or is diagnosed with a critical illness.

If your business doesn’t have this kind of protection in place, losing a major shareholder or partner can cause serious problems. A shareholder’s family could end up with a share of the business, for instance. And in the case of a partnership, the partnership will be automatically dissolved unless an agreement exists to the contrary.

What is Key Person Protection?

Key person protection helps protect your business against the financial fallout of a ‘key person’ dying, falling terminally ill or, provided critical illness cover has been taken as an optional extra, falling critically ill during the term of the plan.

Whether they provide expertise, contacts or other assets, losing a key person can be very damaging. Your business could be hit by a loss of profit, reduced sales, recruitment/training costs and disruption to your plans, to name but a few potential problems.

What is Business Loan Protection?

Business Loan Protection helps your business pay an outstanding overdraft, loan or commercial mortgage, should a key person die or be diagnosed with a critical illness during the length of the policy.